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Brand story videos have immense selling power as they connect with customers on an emotional level and create a sense of trust and loyalty. A well-crafted brand story video can convey the values, vision, and mission of a brand, making it more relatable to customers. This leads to an increased brand recall, higher engagement, and ultimately, more sales.

Jimm’s coffee is a beloved instant coffee brand in the Philippines, particularly among overseas Filipino workers and locals. Guerrilla’s brand story video sheds light on how this coffee brand became a favorite among its customers, showcasing its quality, affordability, and health benefits. Through its compelling storytelling, Guerrilla helps customers connect with the brand and understand the reasons behind its popularity.

Cool bathroom system, which can be found at CW Home Depot and Living Lifestyle Showroom. The video uses a seduction theme, featuring a woman who is impressed by the quality of her host’s house fixtures, particularly the bathroom system. This video serves as a promotion for the Cool bathroom system, highlighting its luxurious and impressive features.

Glaxo Smithkline’s Kara Barya is a public service information video aimed at dispelling misconceptions about chickenpox vaccination. Despite its teasing and name-calling tone, the video’s message is clear: vaccination is the best way to protect against chickenpox, and it is important to get vaccinated. The video is part of Glaxo Smithkline’s efforts to promote vaccination and raise awareness about its benefits.

Bayantel’s ‘Husband’ video shines a light on the growing trend of female OFWs and their husbands who stay at home, showcasing how the company’s internet and PC bundle can help maintain close relationships despite the distance.

Bayantel’s ‘Sisters’ is a gripping portrayal of the all-too-real conflict that can arise between siblings when parents are deployed as OFWs, tapping into the melodramatic spirit that Filipinos know and love. With its raw and emotional portrayal of two sisters at odds while their parents are abroad, our video offers a compelling look at the often-overlooked realities of modern Filipino families.

Our public health video sheds light on the impact of asthma attacks on romantic relationships, showcasing how a dating couple copes with the condition and its potential to ruin a special moment. Through its honest and relatable portrayal of the challenges faced by individuals with asthma and their partners, our video aims to raise awareness about the importance of proper management and treatment of this chronic respiratory disease.

Guerrilla ad created this mouth-watering video! Message: Feast like a king without breaking the bank! Introducing Vikings Buffet – now accessible to every Juan de la Cruz.

Guerrilla ad helped King Sisig establish a unique brand image and presence in the fast-food market. The ad agency created new menu boards, collaterals, and branding materials that differentiated King Sisig from its competitors. The successful marketing strategy helped King Sisig gain attention and establish itself as a strong player in the industry, leading to business growth and long-term success.

Guerrilla AD created a clever tagline ‘It’s good down under’ to help Australia Harvest Oatmeal, a local brand, compete against the established pioneer oatmeal brand that our grandmothers use. The tagline, which implies that the oatmeal is beneficial to one’s gut and imported from Australia, was a successful strategy in capturing a share of the oats market. As a result, Australia Harvest Oatmeal emerged as a winner in the market competition.

Guerrilla created a TVC that challenges the old saying that the best medical care can only be found in the US. The video promotes St. Luke’s Medical Center Global, emphasizing that patients do not need to travel abroad to receive top-quality medical care. The campaign aims to shift the perception that the best medical services are only available in the US, and position St. Luke’s Medical Center Global as a viable and comparable alternative.

The Sterling Bank video featured basketball star Chris Tiu, promoting the idea that achieving dreams of owning a house or starting a business is as easy as taking a loan from a bank with a big heart. The message conveyed in the video is that all you need is a heart to make your dreams a reality, and Sterling Bank is there to help you every step of the way.

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