Ideal Gourmet Pasta - Guerrilla Advertising & Design
TO SURVIVE AND THRIVE YOU HAVE TO BE VIRAL. Today only products or services with irreverent brand communication will convert the consumer’s mind
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About This Project

Del Monte and Royal have always stood for pasta that has been handed down from
generation to generation. They have been the choice of mothers, aunts and
grandmothers everywhere. How do you compete with that?
There’s a New Cooking Authority.
Women in the family used to be considered the only experts in the kitchen. But
times have changed. There is a new authority when it comes to recipes and cooking
practices – the celebrity chef. Whereas before they used to remain unheralded
behind the kitchen, today many people know their faces, flock to their restaurants
and watch their cooking shows. Even lola’s, nanay’s and tita’s are willing to try new
things that they either saw on these celebrity chefs’ shows or tasted in their
“Sabi ni Chef”
Coming from his many years of experience running some of the finest restaurants in
the country, Chef Sau Del Rosario is very particular when it comes to food. He has
high standards when it comes to freshness and quality because he knows these
factors affect taste. That’s why when it comes to cooking pasta, for Chef Sau it has to
be Ideal.

Sabi ni Chef